A cosmos, environmental-friendly yet luxurious hotel is of Chao Koh's creation as
it is located in the mainland of Phi Phi island. With full accommodations and highest
customer services offered by our main crews and staffs, Chao Koh never fails to offer
tourists and travelers with the best services along with solutions for any problems or
cases if there is any. With fine selected furniture, tools, supplies, and equipments,
customers can ensure their safety, comfort, and convenience with broad selections
of hotel room packages as well as other services like the pick-up service and other
communication services.

Premium Rooms- Different Room Types

Chao Koh's hotel features two room types: The Deluxe and The Grand Deluxe rooms.
The deluxe room features quality full-set accommodated air conditioner, shower heater,
cabletelevision, and a room phone for service calls. The grand deluxe room features the
latter stated functions and accommodations with the addition of bedding options or
stylized room atmosphere. Both room types are welcome to use the public swimming
pool, the mini bar,and the packages of both rooms include the fine breakfast set as well.

   Grand Deluxe Room

   Twin Bed Grand Deluxe Room

   Deluxe Room

   Dome Room


When it comes to sea, beaches, or oceans, seafood is often a topic people bring up when discussions regarding trips and vacation plans are present. as Phi Phi is also a leader in seafood exports withits amaz ingly fresh seafood and natural marine resources. therefore dining in Phi Phi will never be a disappointment.